The Cionnsaile Monitor

Bringing studio quality sound to the home.

The Cionnsaile (/kɪnˈsl/) is a stand-mount monitor that will make you feel like you’re with your favorite artist, in their studio, or at your favorite small venue.  Vocals are crisp and instrumentation is clean and uncolored.

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“These speakers are excellent all-around performers, with solid bass response, pinpoint imaging abilities, and posses a reasonably even octave to octave tonal balance.”

Read more about the Cionnsaile Monitor on Positive Feedback.

The Cleghan Compact Monitor

Versatile, detailed, imaging mavens.

The Cleghan (/kli:’gen/) Compact Monitor promises all of the same balance and detail as the Cionnsaile, but in a small and versatile package.
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Future Developments

Other Services

We can custom design two-channel and home theater solutions, as well as some commercial solutions by request.

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