MMF-2.3 Turntable, Gloss Black

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The Music Hall Audio MMF-2.3 turntable is one of the best vinyl bargains out there. First, it looks amazing.  The gloss black finish hides beneath it a double-thickness, dense MDF plinth, which provides a solid anti-vibration foundation for vinyl playback.  

The 8.6" lightweight and rigid tone arm is compatible with a number of commonly available cartridges. Both VTA and Azimuth are manually adjustable.  The MMF-2.3 also comes with the Music Hall Spirit moving magnet cartridge already installed.  We have used this cartridge on a number of other turntables and the playback is responsive, lively, and addictive.  

Finally, the turntable features a 2-speed manually adjusted pulley, and clear acrylic hinged dust cover.  

This is an exceptional value!