Burwen Research DNF1201A, Noise Reduction Filter

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Dick Burwen was something of a hifi genius for his entire engineering career. A dedicated servant to the pursuit of "dynamic noise reduction" Dick paved the way for other industry giants like KLH, DBX, and Dolby Labs -- Often by being hired by them and designing their product lines! Burwen's influence on noise reduction circuits from the earliest "pop/hiss" systems used for radio station playback in the 1960s, up to today's more sophisticated systems. They all owe a nod to Mr. B. 

The DNF ("Dynamic Noise Filter") -1201A was one of Dick's own commercial endeavors.  The unit connects to an audio system in much the same way as an equalizer or other sound processor.  Then, using a series of push-buttons located on the front of the unit, the user is able to select the sensitivity range and dynamic response of the internal noise reduction circuitry.  A Suppression Sensitivity slider allows for fine-tuning of this process, which could vary based on the type of source being used. 

This unit has been fully serviced and restored, including all new gold-plated connection points at the rear.  A fine example and a little piece of audiophilic history. 

Available to demo in Lawrence, MA.

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