Yamaha C-2 Professional Series Preamplifier

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The Yamaha "Professional Series" components were in 1978, and still are, serious audio equipment.  Made from top-shelf parts and assembled with unmatched precision, even sometimes using parts that Yamaha designed and developed only for specific models within the lineup, the C-2 and T-2 were born from this dedication to performance. 

The C-2 Control Preamplifier is feature-packed with exceptional sound quality.  Using ultra-low noise matched FETs, the designers filled the slim unassuming chassis with the highest quality components, shortest signal runs, and shielded power supply to reduce noise. Unique to the C-2, there are also three phono inputs, two setup for MM cartridges and one for MC cartridges.  

SOLD The T-2 FM Stereo Tuner is another mini-engineering masterpiece. The 7-gang tuner provides exceptional FM reception.  More than just the reception, the tuner's sound is crystal clear and robust.  It's truly an audiophile piece of equipment for anyone who loves the radio. To hone in on that perfect sound, the tuner also includes a number of filters, and both an analog and digital display, in case there were any doubts on where you landed on the dial!

These pieces are being offered together, because they belong together.... well the marriage is over, lol - the T-2 is gone. This C-2 can be demo'd at our Lawrence, MA showroom and purchased online or in person with confidence.

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