Odyssey Stratos Power Amps, 5-Channel Super Group!

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Odyssey Audio is a little-known company out of Indiana with German roots.  The company has been around for many years and builds amps in both countries, with expertise in assembly and design shared between the two locations. The goal for the company was to bring true hi-end quality to an affordable level by offering their products only direct-to-consumer.  You won't find an Odyssey dealer anywhere, even today.  The result is a series of products with stats that day logic when comparing prices. 

The Stratos line of amplifiers was the first design initiated by Odyssey when they began their state-side manufacturing process.  This stout amplifier is also ingeniously built, with a semi-modular internal layout that allows the same chassis to be used as in stereo, mono, or 3-channel form. The look of these amps is stately and business-like. The plain anodized black chassis and faceplate are home to only the silk-screened word "Stratos" and "Odyssey" etched in glass and backlit with a small blue LED.  Heat sinks cover each side of the amp, and both balanced and unbalanced inputs are provided for connection flexibility.  

These examples are very unique in that they were custom made for the previous owner, with his name tagged on the rear panel. We are offering these amazing amps as a packaged because they really are meant to be together.  What we have here are two Stratos mono blocks and a single HT-3 (3-channel) amplifier.  The original idea was to have an ultimate home theater experience were all five of the main channels get the benefit of exceptional power delivery with similar dynamics and timbre.

If you are someone looking for the ultimate in 5-channel power, this is the setup for you! 

Stratos Monos: Class A/AB, 180 watts each into 8 ohms, stable to 2 ohms with a 2x power factor at each step (8, 4, 2), > 800 continuous damping factor, < 0.04% THD

Stratos HT-3: Class A/AB, 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms, stable to 2 ohms with a 2x power factor at each step (8, 4, 2), > 500 continuous damping factor, < 0.04% THD

These amps sound incredible. Clean, detailed, effortless.  Mids come out loud and clear without sounding harsh.  They are absolutely well balanced pieces of equipment.  All three have been tested and vetted by our in house tech staff and are ready for music or movie duties day-in and day-out.  

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA

Stratos Monos: $1,899 for the pair

Stratos HT-3: $799 by itself

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