Paradigm Reference Studio 60 v4 Towers - Superstars from The Great White North

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The Paradigm recipe for success has always been to strive for innovative designs, cutting-edge technology, employing superior materials, keep as much of the manufacturing process in-house, and using smart engineering techniques. This has garnered Paradigm hundreds of industry awards and positive reviews.  Paradigm have chosen to be proudly Canadian-made through and through by continuing to handcraft their products in the Great White North.

The Paradigm Reference Studio 60 v4 is a slender and unassuming tower speaker that will amaze you with a diffuse soundstage and surprisingly low low-end. Each speaker sports a 1" G-PAL (Gold Anodized Pure Aluminum) dome tweeter with ferrofluid cooling and Paradigm's in-house designed diffuser.  Supporting this 3-way design is a 7" S-PAL (Satin Anodized Pure Aluminum) mid-woofer which is incredibly light and stiff.  And filling in the bottom end is a 7" mineral-filled polypropylene cone low-frequency woofer in a well-braced, ported enclosure.

The overall build quality of this system is superb and worthy of the term "Reference." In fact, certain reviewers, including those from Home Theater Magazine have used Paradigm Reference Studio series speakers as the benchmark for sound quality against other, often more expensive, loudspeakers.

These speakers do exude many wonderful acoustic qualities. The highs and mids are incredibly smooth with great definition and a soundstage that extends well beyond "the box."  And the low end grunt and presence is effortless and robust.  

The simulated clear cherry looks nearly perfect.  If any flaws could be drawn out of these speakers, it would be the 4-or-so snags in the grille cloth.  But really, these spellers were meant to be enjoyed "naked" so the craftsmanship behind the components can be seen and appreciated. 

Floor spikes are included. 

Demos are welcome in Lawrence, MA.

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