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Rega is all about refinement. Don’t expect to be hit over the head by the RP6. Rather than manufacture a wide range of different turntables with myriad approaches to design, Rega fine-tunes its basic model when going up the range—or, depending on your view, provides a more cost-effective version of its top-of-the-line deck. The result is a bigger, weightier sound, with the ability to extract finer detail from recordings with each step up the ladder.

This RP6 has the upgraded Rega, RB880 tonearm $1300 list and the plinth on RP6 is distinctive, claiming additional CNC machining to further lower its mass vs other Rega decks. The new model also takes advantage of the more sophisticated feet from Rega’s premier P9 turntable in order to reduce the amount of vibration reaching the platter.

An external TT-PSU, an optional accessory on the RP3 that adds $395 to its price, is standard on the RP6. It provides better speed stability and the ability to change between 33.3 and 45RPM speeds with the push of a button instead of having to remove the platter and belt. In addition to an upgraded circuit design, the new power supply also features enhanced aesthetics that adhere to the look of the current Brio-R, Apollo-R, and DAC. It works in concert with the new 24-volt motor, hand-tuned on each ‘table before final assembly. On the test bench, said refinement dramatically lowers the amount of vibration that the motor passes onto the plinth, reducing the noise floor while increasing the amount of low-level information you hear on the couch.

Rega tables bask in the light of simplicity and directness of purpose. They are understated elegance at their highlighted best. This table in excellent overall condition. Has been recalibrated and aligned with the Feickert Protactor and the Ortofon, 2M Bronze MM cart (a $489 value) tracks straight and pure. The upgraded RB880 arm is the key to this tables performance - its aluminum vertical bearing housing & hand machined assemblies are costly but is an improvement on every level vs the stock RB303. This is a high end plug and play analog solution. The cart is in as new condition and the pairing is magnificent.

Come have a listen to this fine Rega/Ortofon combination here at the Lawrence shop. We can ship this TT as it comes complete with box and packing for safe arrival.

Rega, RP6 with Ortofon, 2M Bronze MM Cart & RB880 Arm: $1999 plus tax and shipping when applicable