Sherbourn PT-7010A, Multi-Channel Preamp & Processor w/ HDMI

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Sherbourn Audio was never really a household name in hifi or home theater circles, but for those who know the brand, it offered a variety of affordable and feature-rich components for 2-channel and surround sound enthusiasts.  Sherbourn would compete with companies like Arcam and NAD on features, but provide these features in more simplistic chassis and with "add-ons" for the latest and greatest of their day.  This is one of the reasons Emotiva Audio purchased Sherbourn and incorporated their entire product lines in 2013.

The PT-7010A is a preamp, tuner, and surround processor in keeping with Sherbourn's value-based mantra.  The on the analog side, the unit has a huge power supply, thoughtful internal layout, and several control options to allow the user to configure the unit for many different setups.  In addition, Sherbourn added balanced outputs to allow for the highest signal quality to outboard amplification for all channels.

Oh, and it has an MM phono stage built-in as well!

On the digital side, the onboard DAC accepts multiple optical/TOSLINK connections as well as coaxial style connections.  And a digital output allows the unit to act as a digital switcher and still output to higher-end DACs.  Excellent flexibility all-around. 

One more feature of this unit is the outboard HDMI adapter, bringing the PT-7010A into the last 15 years in terms of video capabilities as well. 

The PT-7010A comes with two remotes, a standard Sherbourn and 3rd party programmable. it also includes the original box, manuals, packaging and cables for full connectivity. 

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA.

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