British Fidelity A100 Class-A Integrated Amplifier

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The British Fidelity A100 integrated amplifier is an audiophile legend.  Developed by Anthony Michaelson ~1985, the A100 incorporates a hi-biased Class-A solid state design to produce stunning music.  The amplifier's 50 watts per channel deliver clean, uncolored, beautiful power to any speaker you hook it to.  The case design is as simplistic as it is "totally 80s." Featuring a tape loop, auxiliary inputs, and phono stage, this amp can do it all.  

Although the amp doesn't take up much space, due to its Class-A operation, it does get VERY WARM.  This is completely normal for Class-A as any power that is not used to amplify sound, is expelled by the amp as heat.  For this reason the unit includes two cooling fans which are used to dissipate heat out of the side panels.  And don't even think about placing another component on top -- The amp needs breathing room.

But give it what it needs, and it will give you what you need: amazing music.

Demos are available at our Lawrence, MA showroom.  The original box and packaging are completely in tact, so shipping is a viable option.

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