Denon AVR-X3000, HDMI! Oh My!

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I admit, I had a hard time putting this receiver in our "Vintage" inventory because it's really only about 10 years old.  But, we are a Denon/Marantz dealer, and they make an excellent Home Theater product, so figured "what the hell."  

So, here it is! The Denon AVR-X3000 Networkable Home Theater Receiver. A full-featured, reasonably modern piece of kit in impeccable condition.  The option sticker is still stuck to the unit's face.  There AVR-X3000 was widely accepted as a best value AV receiver in 2013. With 7.2 channel Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio decoding to compliment the 4kUHD HDMI (1.4a) video processing and switching.  The X3000 has seven assignable HDMI inputs and two outputs (Main/ARC, and Zone 2).  The unit also has two coaxial and two TOSLINK optical digital connections to utilize the very capable on-board DAC for other sources as well. 

Powerwise, the X3000 has 105 watts per channel, peak RMS, with 5 channels driven. When in 7 channel surround mode, the Surround and Surround-Back channels power share. The unit also has twin mono subwoofer outputs, a Zone 2 analog output, and five analog inputs.  Plenty of connectivity and power for most folks to fully engage in movie watching or music listening or network gaming. 

With an original MSRP of $999, this unit is a bargain at our price.  

Note, remote and manual are included, but the accessory pack, such as the Audessey microphone are sadly missing.  They can be purchased through other channels.  Our price reflects this. 

$199 (plus applicable shipping and/or sales tax)