Dynaco, Dynakit Stereo 70 w/Telefunken EL34/6CA7 "Brown Base" Tubes - AMAZING

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Dynaco is best remembered for its highly regarded vacuum tube stereo amplifier, the Stereo 70 (ST-70). Introduced in 1959, the ST-70 was available as a kit (Dynakit) intended for assembly by the purchaser or as a complete factory-wired unit (Dynaco). The ST-70 used four EL34 output tubes, one GZ34/5AR4 rectifier tube, two 7199 input (driver) tubes, two output transformers, one power transformer, and a pre-assembled printed circuit board (PCB) containing the driver circuit. It produced 35 watts per channel. The driver circuit had a single 7199 pentode/triode tube per channel, and used the driver tube to handle both voltage amplification and phase splitting. The output transformers are an ultralinear design, whereby part of the primary winding is fed back to the output tube’s screen grid. This design reduced distortion and improved audio quality.

A masterpiece of efficient circuit design, the ST-70 provided reliable, high-quality audio amplification at an affordable price. The popularity of the ST-70 contributed more than any other single product to continuing consumer interest in tube-based stereo amplifiers at a time of increasing market dominance by solid state audio products. Because of its excellent value for cost, Dynaco tube amplifiers were often referred to as “the poor man’s McIntosh.” More than 350,000 ST-70 amplifiers had been sold when production finally ceased, making the ST-70 the most popular tube power amplifier ever made.

This Stereo 70 has been completely serviced and is in exceptional condition. Running "Brown Base" Telefunken EL34/6CA7s from 1961. These are rare, wildly expensive ($1K+ for a quad set) and play marvelously with this amp. This is the one you've been waiting for... absolutely no disappointments with this component. Hooked up now to a Mac MX114 tuner/preamp, Acoustic Research ES1 table & JBL C51 speakers. This setup has ALL the magic.

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Dynaco, Dynakit Stero 70: $1,599.00 plus applicable sales tax