ESS Model 9 Bookshelf Speakers, Performance Series

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ESS continues to make jaw-dropping speakers out of their facility in Los Angeles, CA.  The company found considerable popularity with the introduction of their AMT-Air Motion Transformer tweeter design.  The tweeter is essentially a ribbon material folded into a series of "bellows" that react to magnetic flux, essentially "squeezing" air and producing sound.  The concept was developed by Dr. Oscar Heil in 1972 and has been the foundation of ESS speakers ever since. 

The Model 9 Performance Series represent a unique development in the Heil technology as a mono-pole high-frequency transducer, combined with an efficient 8" paper cone woofer and simplistic 2nd order crossover. The combination pairs very well with low-powered tube amps because of the overall efficiency.  Highs are crisp and detailed, demonstrating the AMT's knack for precision and low distortion. You hear every detail!

This pair have been serviced and are ready for 2+ more decades of music enjoyment.

Demos available.

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