KEF Corelli - "Fine Vintage British Monitors"

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In 1978, developments in loudspeaker engineering and new analysis techniques for evaluating acoustical performance resulted in KEF preparing three new loudspeaker products featuring:
1. Computer design filter sections of advanced specification.
2. Enclosures heavily damped and braced to minimise colouration
3. Generous power handling capabilities.
So, her we have the Corelli... an 8 inch two-way closed box system that built on the success of the original KEF, Chorale. The developments included a new version of the B200 bass unit and an improved cabinet. 
KEF Corelli features: 
A. Compact shelf mounting 2-way system supplied in mirror image pairs
B. Generous power handling capabilities
C. Superior openness in line with the finest BBC monitors
For those LS3/5a fans, the Corelli performs similarly but with a deeper bass response. They image like champs and play with a liquid musicality very few speakers this size can match. We find that a good size SS amp brings out their finest. Right now mated with a vintage Ampzilla/Yamaha, C-2 combo and they kit is strikingly great. Condition is solid 8+ and performance is a straight up 10. We love'em!
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