NAD Monitor Series, 1700, 2400 x2, Full Stack!

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NAD (New Audio Dimensions) has been producing amazing quality audio components for over 40 years.  Founded by Dr. Martin Borish in 1972, one of the company's first product major success was the Model 3020 receiver.  NAD utilized a patented "Power Envelope" design to essentially store energy in a bank of capacitors which could then be fed into the output signal when needed for peak power transients.  This allowed the transistor compliment to utilize highly sensitive, high fidelity components, with modest RMS power ratings, but still power some very demanding speakers.

The Monitor Series was released in the mid 1980s and took the NAD proven designs to the next level.  Utilizing military spec internal components, copper internal chassis, and a Deiter Rams-like industrial design, the Monitors series delivers SERIOUS power when needed but also provides nuance and lightness to the listening experience.

We are offering a unique combo.  The NAD 1700 pre-amp/tuner, also known as a "preceiver", features parametric adjustable bass and treble controls, an exceptional AM/FM stereo tuner, and enough output gain to satisfy even the most demanding amplifiers.  The NAD 2400 Power Envelope amplifier maintains sound quality with 100 RMS watts of power per channel, and the ability to deliver transient power up to 700w when needed.  

With TWO NAD 2400 amplifiers, each bridged for mono operation, the system will provide 300 RMS watts per each amplifier, and 900w of Power Envelope dynamics when needed.  

The abilities of this system are endless.  9Notes on condition: NAD 1700 comes with the "System Remote" which is capable of controlling other Monitor Series components including cassette and CD players.  The NAD 1700 also comes with paperwork and the original box.  Each NAD 2400 has been examined by our tech for proper operation, however one does have some blemishes on the faceplate which can be clearly seen in the photos.

This is mega system performance for beer audio prices.

Demos are welcome at our showroom in Lawrence, MA with COVID precautions in place.

$999 for the system (plus applicable shipping and taxes) -- Will not separate.