Nakamichi 730 Stereo Receiver

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The Nakamichi 730 Stereo Receiver is a modern classic.  The 730's low-slung design, zero mechanical buttons, and slick matte black faceplate hide the absolute beast of a receiver that lies inside.  For a unit that retailed for over $1400 back in 1978, the 730 was as much a statement about Nakamichi's engineering strength as its design strength.  

Sporting 105 watts per channel behind a massive toroidal transformer, this simplistic receiver is filled with interesting features.  In the late 70s, there was still a focus on vinyl and FM radio, so the 730 includes a fantastic, crystal-clear phono stage and a finely tuned FM receiver.  All of the touch sensitive buttons on this unit function well.  All lights illuminate, and the power delivery is spot on. 

Demos available at our Lawrence, MA showroom.  

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