Sony, HAP-S1

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If you're looking to integrate high-resolution music into a stereo system but aren't sure where to begin, Sony has made it easy for you. Their HAP-S1 does it all. It's an integrated amplifier, a high-resolution digital music player, a 500GB storage device, and a high-performance DAC. All of that is packed into one compact, sturdy component that's easy to set up and use. All you need to add are speakers and your digital music collection.

The HAP-S1 is not just a digital music player. It's also an integrated amplifier. That means it not only powers your speakers, but it can accept other sources as well. Connect a CD player, turntable and preamp, and other components just like you would with any other integrated amp. Analog and digital sources will sound great thanks to Sony's dual-mono circuit configuration, which delivers clean stereo sound with a high signal-to-noise ratio. Already have a great-sounding integrated amp? The fixed-level line output lets you use this component simply as a digital player and DAC.

Cant make things any easier people... Amp/Streamer/DAC all under the same hood. If you've been thinking about coming over to a high-res digital platform this is your chance. Too many glowing reviews of this piece to list here. It's all it's been made out to be. Near perfect condition with zero blemishes - as new!

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Sony, HAP S-1 Integrated/Streamer/DAC: $799.00 plus applicable sales tax