Canor Audio AI 1.10 Tube Integrated Amplifier

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The Canor Audio AI 1.10 Precision Tube Integrated Amplifier is a music-loving engineer's dream.  This amplifier is built using the same precision design and manufacturing processes that Canor has employed for the last 25 years.  Powered by an array of KT88 power tubes, the amplifier features manual or dynamic switching between Triode and UltraLinear modes.  This flexibility on-the-fly means every detail and nuance can be heard without losing any impact.  An auto bias function ensures trouble-free operation as well. 

The AI 1.10 also features a fully separated attenuator circuit to provide the absolute best stereo separation possible, a design feature often found in much more expensive products.  

The amplifier puts out 40 watts per channel into 4 or 8 ohms in UltraLinear Mode and 20 watts per channel into 4 or 8 ohms in Triode Mode. And as an added trick, these amps can be run as power mono blocks using Canor's optional C-Link Bus.

As a line-stage integrated, the amp features five unbalanced (RCA) and one balanced (XLR) 30 kOhm inputs.  The rear panel, like the front, is simple and uncluttered.  Vinyl lovers will want to source a separate phono preamp.  

As with all Canor units, this piece features a 2-year manufacturer's warranty (3-month warranty on the tubes themselves).