About Us

Rooted in New England's deep audio history

Holt Hill Audio, LLC is based in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and is only minutes from the epicenter of the US-based hi-fi audio industry from the 1950s to the 1990s. It's been my goal to resurrect some of the “glory days” of hand-crafted speaker design from legends like Acoustic Research, EPI, ADS, Allison Acoustics, KLH, Boston Acoustics, Bose, Cizek, Cambridge Soundworks, and dozens of other companies that set the bar for consumer hi-fi for nearly a half-century.

I admit, I’m a speaker freak, and I like building stuff.  Put these two things together and you have a recipe for what has amounted to a decades-long journey of listening, building, repairing, and learning. Yes, I’m old enough to remember those classic hifi shops where big, glorious, wooden speakers lined the walls of local retail establishments that were bursting at the seams with amps, turntables, wires, and other related gadgets.  Those days are gone, but the legacy remains and the companies who developed exceptional products have stuck around and continue to bring us music in new and inventive ways. 

Holt Hill Audio represents the culmination of a childhood dream, and a chance to explore a unique sound and a unique way of building hifi products.  I’ve spent the vast majority of my professional career as a preacher of sustainability.  For that reason, materials for our products are carefully chosen to meet sustainability criteria that are widely accepted in the construction industry, but not currently prevalent in the audio industry.  Bridging these two worlds and developing audio systems that provide exceptional value and sound is the challenge that drives me and will hopefully make Holt Hill Audio a household name for years to come.

- Brian S., LEED AP, WELL AP, President