2-Channel Audio

Did we mention we love vintage audio?  We do.  Combining new tech with old tech can often produce some beautiful results.  If you are someone searching for that vintage look or sound, but want the ease and convenience of modern, hifi streaming and playback, we have the right combination of equipment for you. 
In addition to an assortment of pre-owned options, and modern-day gear, we also have the ability to fabricate components in-house.  Holt Hill Audio has the ability to design and develop loudspeaker products from concept to completion, including cabinet and crossover design. 
Using a combination of tried-and-true best practices in design and modern computer simulations, HHA can work with our clients to custom build loudspeakers for an exceptional and exciting aural experience. 


Holt Hill Audio Speaker Fabrication CNC Custom Design


Holt Hill Audio CNC Router Prototyping Design