Prosper Cables

Choosing the right cable is sometimes tricky business.  We have experimented with and used many different types of cables very effectively.  In the end there's no correct answer to cable selection, especially speaker cables.  We have partnered with a new start-up company from Prosper, Texas, Prosper Cables to illustrate that good feeling, good looking, and good sounding cables don't have to break the bank.  

Founder, Jeremy Longwell, recently translated his passion for audio into cable production and has made a huge impact in a ver short amount of time.  Using the 4s8 and 4s11 "cores" from Canare USA as a foundation, Jeremy is able to create custom configurations to suit every system's needs. 

What we have illustrated here is a small sampling of what Prosper Cables is capable of, and we are sure that their popularity, quality, and selection will continue to grow for many years to come.