Canor Audio

Canor Audio is a little-known OEM from the Czech Republic that has been making hi-end audio components for over 27 years.  As an OEM manufacturer and designer for companies like Musical Fidelity and others, Canor has mastered its production process using what they call "CMT", Canor PCB Milling Technology.  Their method is as close as one can get to point-to-point wring in a PCB, reducing the loss factors sometimes incurred by PCBs as a result of their manufacture and material usage. 

About 5 years ago, Canor developed its own amplifiers, CD players, and phono stages using their same home-grown CMT technology.   

The outside designs of these components are as precise as the inside.  Large, uncomplicated controls and bright, modern displays welcome the user.  The single, large central control knob lets people know one of Canor's most important features: the volume knob.  Just turn up the music and listen!