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Holt Hill Audio, LLC provides audio design, product development, product sourcing, vintage restoration, and equipment installation for residential and commercial projects. Holt Hill Audio evolved from an individual passion for audio, and its products have developed a small following among audio purists and musicians looking for “truth” in their listening experience. HHA operates within three related spaces: Retail/Restaurant Design and Installation; Home Audio, High Fidelity and Vintage Restoration; and Loudspeaker Design and Fabrication.

New Audio

Who doesn’t love the excitement of opening up a new piece of gear? As much as we love vintage audio, we love that feeling too! We have partnered with some amazing brands to offer unique and powerful equipment to compliment our Holt Hill Audio branded speakers, as well as our ever-changing supply of pre-owned systems.


Pre-Owned Audio Sales

Variety is the spice of life, and for that reason, we also love to have a variety of speakers around for listening enjoyment and comparison at any given time. Likewise, keeping old things working like new again is a sustainer’s dream come true.

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Our Services

Holt Hill Audio serves three primary sectors of the hi-fi audio market: Servicing & Restoration, Home Theater, and Commercial Installations.  Within each of these sectors, we look for opportunities to infuse a little old tech with a little new tech to provide our clients with the most effective and unique listening experiences possible. Please select one of the following graphics to explore each of these sectors in more detail.

"My refurbished and upgraded JBL L100t3 speakers sound absolutely fantastic. I think they sound even better now than they did brand new. I'd definitely refer anybody who needs speakers restored to Brian at Holt Hill Audio."

Dana H.

To anyone looking to find someone to rebuild their classic speakers, look no further than Holt Hill Audio.  Rest assured, if you have Brian do your speakers they will be done right and they will amaze you when you listen to them.

Dennis H., Bow, NH

I brought a pair of classic ADS L710 speakers to Brian for some much needed TLC. He knows the brand well and has owned or serviced most of the coveted ADS speakers from this "golden age." He reworked the crossovers, made some adjustments, and re-veneered them in a beautiful walnut. They sound and look amazing. Brian is a consummate professional and I highly recommend him.

Dan L., Framingham, MA

Brian's speaker restoration work is second to none. He is passionate about tone, has an exceptional ear and a strong understanding of design principles and technical concepts. He treats every piece of gear as if it were his own and shares the owner's anticipation about returning equipment to its former glory and where appropriate, making suggestions to improve upon the original design with modern components.

Daren W., Sutton, MA

"I've had Holt Hill Audio work on well-known classics like Altec Model 14's and little noticed gems such as Sythesis LM 200's, an obscure line from Conrad-Johnson. Brian has the knowledge and ability to understand the designer's intent and refurbish accordingly. In addition, Brian can improve the cosmetics of just about any speaker. He is a great resource for anyone looking to get the most out of their vintage speakers."

Tom R., Warwick, Rhode Island