Servicing & Restoration

At Holt Hill Audio, we verify and service everything we sell. Collectively, our staff have decades of experience in audio equipment design, construction, testing, and restoration.  Of course, our speciality products are speakers. We have been fixing speakers, of all types, for as long as we can remember.  We take great pride in returning loudspeakers back to their original condition, or better!  Our fully-equipped wood shop, which includes a state-of-the-art AvidCNC router, can bring back the lustre and beauty of these old pieces of equipment with lasting precision. 

Beyond speakers, our service techs have the knowledge to diagnose and repair almost any tube or solid-state equipment that comes through the door. Vintage gear from the 60s-80s is really in our wheelhouse, but we've been known to resuscitate a number of other items as well. 

Use our contact for further details and service terms.

Below are some examples our work:
Holt Hill Audio Speaker Restoration Services