Canor Audio CD 2.10 Tube CD Player

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Canor Audio has worked with the best in the industry as an OEM, and in many respects may have surpassed the best in the industry with their newest line of audiophile products. The CD 2.10 is a wonderful CD player/DAC featuring a beautifully conceived valve output stage using quad match 6922 tubes.  Build quality is exceptional, as are Canor's brand-specific ergonomics.  

The CD 2.10 features an AK4490 32-bit chip that supports maximum PCM resolution of 768kHz oversampling DSD-256 using the USB input.  Optical and Coaxial inputs support 24/192k transfers.  Chassis layout and component placement are specifically rendered for the cleanest signal transfer on both the digital and analog sides of the unit. Outputs include coaxial and optical options for external DACs.  Analog outputs are supported by both balanced and unbalanced connections.  

The modern and simplistic front face, dial, and display blend perfectly with other Canor products. As always, Canor has thought of every detail.

As with all Canor units, this piece features a 2-year manufacturer's warranty (3-month warranty on the tubes themselves). 

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