Heaven11 Audio Billie Hybrid Amp, Mk2

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NOTE: Billie Amps are BACK.  In-Stock now!!

The Heaven11 Audio “Billie” Hybrid Integrated Digital Amplifier is an audio powerhouse in a compact, gorgeous case, and Holt Hill Audio is proud to be their first North American partner and reseller. Built in Montreal, Canada, the Billie’s modern aesthetic and minimalistic design belie the power underneath.  

For 2023, Billie Mk2 has been completely redesigned, inside and out.  The chassis has been improved for more consistent build quality, and better heat dissipation.  The amplifier module has been beefed up considerably to ICEPower 200AS2 chips which provide a whopping 120 watts per channel @ 8 ohms, and 215 watts per channel @ 4 ohm...Just about double the Mk1 design. 

The preamp side has been improved as well, while still maintaining the smoothness of the Billie's tube character.  Tubes are now able to handle twice the preamp voltage, the result is even more linear preamp response and increased gain.  To go with this improvement, the volume control has been fine tuned for optimal results with no noise. 

Billie makes average recordings sound great, and good recordings sound amazing. Billie also includes six inputs of the following varieties: 2 analog, 1 phono, 1 Bluetooth AptX 5.1 direct input, 1 Optical (TOSLINK) digital input, and 1 Coax digital input that can handle 32/192 resolution via Billie's on-board DAC.

The onboard MM phono stage is very musical and clean. The equalization hides nothing and brings out all of the detail your cart can manage. The phono stage has also been improved. 

Finally, the amp features volume attenuated pre-outs to allow you to use it as a stand-alone pre-amp, or with a pair of powered subwoofers. Oh, and an ultra-quiet remote control is also included.

Available in two finishes: Silver and Black.

Custom knob finishes are available on request and can be made from a variety of wood species as well as some stone (marble, etc.)

Also, available with either the standard JJ ECC99 or the improved "Gold Pin" ECC99 tubes.