KEF Architectural Speakers: In-Wall, In-Ceiling, THX

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KEF has brought many of the technologies present in its high-fidelity  speaker lines to the world of architectural, or custom-installation, speakers.  The same innovations used to make exceptional free-standing have been employed with these products for unmatched sound quality, imaging, and unobtrusive design.

One aspect of KEF's designs wchih works extremely well with in-wall and in-ceiling applications is the use of the Uni-Q driver technology.  By its nature, the Uni-Q driver has a wide dispersion, meaning the sound propagates from the speaker more evenly, and farther out than with traditional designs.  For an architectural application, this is especially important.  The design reduces "hot spots" in the sound, and provides a more dispersed listening experience throughout a room. And for home theater applications, this means that surround effects and transitions seem more natural, allowing the viewer and listener to immerse themselves in the experience instead of being distracted by disjointed effects and dialogue. 

We regularly install the following KEF architectural products:

THX Series: Unmatched, extreme home theater performance in many shapes and sizes.  

- Ci3160RL - Essentially KEF's R5 box speaker, without the box. It utilizes two 6.5" aluminum cone woofers, and 5" aluminum cone midrange with the 1" Uni-tTweeter.  The system is rated down to 40Hz in-room, and exceeds THX measurement criteria. $1,999/ea

- Ci4100QL - Designed to mate seamlessly with KEF's Q line of box speakers, this model is a compact, high-hitting powerhouse.  With three matched 4" mid-bass drivers, and a single 4" aluminum cone midrange and 1" Uni-Q tweeter, this system takes up little space and has an unassuming look.  $599/ea

CiC Series: Excellent performance from all three sizes within the range.  

The CiC Seres are a great choice for surround effects channels in a home theater, additional rooms in a whole house application, or for ambient sound in commercial installs. Highs are crystal clear, and the low-end robust enough that a subwoofer is not needed in most cases with the larger two driver sizes. Note, round is the most common style.  Square and Rectangular bezel options are also available - Enquire for these styles. 

- Ci200C - 8" bass driver and 0.6" Uni-Q tweeter. $349/ea

- Ci160C - 6" bass driver and 0.6" Uni-Q tweeter. $269/ea

- Ci130C - 4" bass driver and 0.6" Uni-Q tweeter $219/ea 

At Holt Hill Audio we have access to KEF's complete line of architectural products.  We have listed some of our best-sellers, but if there are specific lines or styles that you may be interested in, please send us a note and we can provide any information you may need on those items as well.