KEF KF92 Powered Subwoofer

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For the discriminating listener, home theater aficionado, or just someone with a big room, the KF92 Powered Subwoofer is an excellent choice.  This speaker keeps a low profile with a similar dipole design approach to the acclaimed mini KC62, but with twin, dedicated 9" paper and aluminum cone drivers, with massive magnet assemblies.  The drivers' motor structures exert so much force independently that they need to be installed opposing one another, earning the "Force Cancelling" design monicker.  But, don't be fooled, there's plenty of force in the form of massive sonic energy that emanates from one of these subwoofers.  

In addition to the on-board 1,000w amplifier and massive 9" drivers, this model includes enhanced room correction equalization by using a new DSP chip technology that KEF calls "The Music Integrity Engine."  Think of it as a digitally enhanced motor controlled for the drivers, ensuring that they operated within their physical limits while constantly delivering the boom sounds that make you tap your feet or jump out of your seat.  To top it off, the optional KW1 wireless controllers available for this model for the ultimate in room placement options. 

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Available in Black Sheen.


*Note: KW1 Wireless subwoofer adapter is available for this model, please enquire!