KEF R11 Meta 2023/24 EISA Award-Winners

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KEF, originally Kent Engineering & Foundry, has taken the R Series to an award-winning performance level with the R11 Meta.  The R11 Meta has been recognized as an EISA Best High-End Loudspeaker for 2023/2024. The speaker shares many of the same technologies utilized in KEF's flagship Reference lines.  Its slick, angular design, coupled with well-engineered internal and driver components make the R11 Meta an affordable and powerful package that will surprise and reward listeners with impact, dynamics and realism.   Pulling technological advances from their halo "Muon", "Blade", and "Reference" exotic speaker lines, the R11 Meta flexes in all the right places when it comes to sound quality and musical presentation.  As close as someone can get to the KEF Reference line, while still being mindful of normal-people budgets. 

The patented KEF Uni-Q driver is the centerpiece of the design both functionally and visually.  Every detail of this driver has been designed to extremely high standards for high output, low distortion, and wide dispersion.  The R11 Meta demonstrate a broad "sweet spot" to enhance the listening experience and extended low-end performance via the highly damped 5" compound magnet driver and quad long-throw 6.5" aluminum cone low frequency woofers, paired in their own ported chambers. The coaxially-mounted tweeter with dispersion fins allows for pin-point imaging and high end brilliance. Everything about this speaker has been considered and optimized, including the R11 Meta's dual rear-facing ports which allow the lowest frequencies to resonate as intended with minimized port turbulence or distortion.  

The R11 Meta are capable of low frequencies in the mid-20 Hz range, measured in-room response, -6 dB. 

These speakers are offered in three different finishes to match many different types of decor: Gloss Black, Gloss White, and Walnut/Bronze.  

They are an exceptional value and deliver on KEF's 60 year old promise of high fidelity and quality!

Additional details and specifications can be found on KEF's web site.