Michell GyroSE + T8 Tonearm

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The Michell GyroSE turntable is the company's best seller, and for good reason.  The GyroSE is a slimmed-down version of the flagship Or be, but without the full-size plinth or acrylic lid.  A non-resonant acrylic "skeletal" plinth is the support structure for the rest of the table's components.  A 3-point contact system engages the plinth with the surface below it, provide and adjustable and stable base and also suitable vibration damping.

The weighted sub-chassis features Michell's pendulum-based gyroscopic balancing system.  The setup is as mesmerizing to watch as it is to listen to.  The free-standing asynchronous DC-motor is designed to be vibration-free and fully isolated from the inner workings of the table itself.  The design is simple, elegant and effective at first glance, but the details put into its execution are extraordinary. 

The GyroSE is available bundled with Michelle's own T8 tonearm, with purpose-built arm-board.  The lightweight aluminum arm includes added anti-vibration features within the sleeve and bearing shaft, and is only available in conjunction with a turntable purchase.

The system is "semi-assembled" to make it quick and easy to set up.  

This bundle also includes the Michell UniCover and Record Clamp, a $229 value!

GyroSE + T8 Tonearm + UniCover + Record Clamp: $6,499