Mytek Liberty DAC II

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The Liberty DAC II is an award-winning, mini-wonder of the audio world.  Having been built on the success of the original Liberty DAC, the DAC II ups the ante with a more powerful processor, improved DAC performance, and a juicy 3-watt headphone amplifier.  

Inputs and outputs are quite simple, a set of balanced and unbalanced analog outputs to supply signals out of the unit; and a lineup of coaxial SPDIF, TOSLINK, and USB inputs.  But that's about as simple is it gets with the DAC II. The internal 60-watt power supply is built around a quiet toroidal transformer, like one found in high-end power amplifiers.  The internal DAC is powered by a 32-bit/384kHz chip with MQA hardware set for uncompromised sound possibilities. The DAC is also capable of PCM and DSD using its ES9038 ESS chipset. 

To top things off, Mytek added a 3-watt headphone amplifier capable of running hard-to-drive planar headphones. 

For a limited time, the Liberty II DAC is being offered with a FREE set of HiFiMan Sundra planar headphones.