Acoustic Energy AE520

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The Acoustic Energy AE500 series includes the compact AE500, the mid-sized AE509 tower, and the larger-format AE520 multi-driver tower.  Utilizing over 35 years of speaker design expertise, AE has been known for developing loudspeakers with performance that far exceeds cost and physical size limitations.

The AE520 is at the top of the head for Acoustic Energy's "numbered" lines, the 100, 300 and 500 series.  Second only to the company flagship Corinium, the AE520 is a monster on performance, but still retains the delicate British sound the company has been known for.

The AE520 features exceptional sound reproduction through the use of very unique lightweight, stiff, and responsive carbon fiber 1" tweeter and and assortment of five 5" mid-woofers. The specially-damped drivers have been combined with a proprietary crossover network, and placed physically close together to maximize sonic performance.  The lowest three drivers are utilized for low frequency duty, bringing the bottom-end performance of these towers easily and effortlessly down to 30Hz.

Available in three beautiful finishes (gloss black, gloss white, and American walnut), the AE520 is stunning and will fill any room with gorgeous sound. And measuring 45" tall with floor spikes and only with an 13" x 7" footprint, its compact nature allows it to blend into any space seamlessly.  

Acoustic Energy AE520 Spec Sheet (link)