Classé Delta Mono

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Classé Audio has been building some of the finest amplifiers and components in the world for over 40 years.  The Delta series brings Classé into an entirely new realm of audio excellence. The Delta Mono power amplifiers are the pinnacle of solid state power amps that we have witnessed here at our shop.   The build quality of these components is extraordinary; beautifully machined chassis, classic and sophisticated design, and close to 200 pounds of pure power.  

The Delta Mono amplifiers are simply amazing, both in terms of aesthetics and also performance. Operating in Class A/AB each Delta Mono offers the purest possible Class A signal through the first 35 watts of operation.  In reality, that's enough power for most hi-end speakers to sound their absolute best and play close to 100dB in total output in a normal room...In full Class A mode.  But if you need more pure power, the Delta Mono delivers in Class AB configuration. Each Delta Mono produces 300 watts into 8 ohms with less than 0.002% Harmonic Distortion, and 600 watts into 4 ohm loads.  That's pretty darn close to ZERO distortion at full power!  And that's not all.  Each amp features a Damping Factor of 700, are 2 ohm load stable, and have a S/N ratio of 117 dB.  We are fairly certain that these numbers exceed the capabilities of some other companies' bench test equipment.  

Full Delta Mono Specifications

Virtually unbelievable.

$10,999, each.