Gold Note PH-5 MM/MC Phono Preamp

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The Gold Note PH-5 is the company's entry point into exceptional vinyl playback.  Made from the same quality components, and under the same level of scrutiny as it's bigger siblings, the PH-5 is a formidable performer.  The PH-5 offers excellent flexibility and dynamism for a considerable value. With a single RCA unbalanced input, it can be connected to either MM or MC cartridges and offers an EQ curve selection similar to the PH-10 (RIAA, Decca London and American Columbia, with Enhanced options on all three).  The user also has nice load settings (from 10Ω to 47kΩ) and four gain adjustments (0dB, ± 3dB, +6dB) to guarantee superior flexibility and versatility for every kind of vinyl system.

The PH-5 is the first Gold Note product designed with a touchscreen interface: all the settings are easily accessible and changeable thanks to the innovative and unparalleled user-friendly display that allow the user to select and manage all the options in real-time while playing your music. The phono stage is based on a completely new design to integrate the whole electronics into a single board.

This phono preamp also features both balanced and unbalanced outputs for connection flexibility.  And it supports the use of Gold Note's PH-5 external power supply to even quite and more precise operation. 

Available in Black anodized finish.