Michell CUSIS E/H, Moving Coil Cartridge

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All Michell Engineering moving coil cartridges have been designed in-house and from the ground up.  These cartridges are not only designed to extract as much detail as possible from the record's surface, they do so completely in sync with the design of the Michell turntables themselves.  All CUSIS cartridges use specially formulated samarium-cobalt magnets for a stable and consistent magnetic field within the cartridge body itself.  The pure copper windings, precision damping, and ultralight armature all contribute toward a system with excellent sonic characteristics.  Couple these design elements with the low-resonance Acetyl body, and the CUSIS family of cartridges provide an amazing starting point for any discerning audiophile. 

The CUSIS E/H is nearly identical to the venerable E, but in a high-output moving coil format.  The cartridge features an elliptical stylus, aluminum cantilever, aluminum chassis, and specially formulated low-resonance body.

Frequency Response: 20-25,000 Hz

Tracking Force: 2 g

Loading: 47 k-ohm

Output Voltage: 2.00 mV

Internal Impedance: 130 ohm

Weight: 8.9 g




Note, CUSUS S and CUSUS M cartridges are available on request.