SUPRA Classic 4.0 OFC Speaker Cable, Bulk Lengths

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Folks can sometimes irrationally obsess about speaker cables. Often what ruins cable performance is internal corrosion caused by oxygenation; and loose ends. We offer the Supra Classic 4.0 speaker lines because they are designed to manage both of those potential negative impacts. 

1) The classic series stranded cable is tin-coated throughout its length.  This reduces the potential for corrosion-causing oxygen to interact with the internally 5N pure copper which carries your delicately balanced music.  

2) We sell this cable in bulk lengths, so the termination points are up to you to choose and maintain! 

The Classic 4.0 results in an 11 AWG speaker line that is durable and provides capacity to handle incredibly powerful and high current amplification without breakup. The specially designed PVC jacket not only protects the internal strands but  is flexible, allowing this cable to be used as a high-end in-wall/plenum option. 

Priced by the foot, so specify the total length you want, in bulk, in the quantity selection field. 

$2.75 per foot.