SUPRA EFF-ISL Analog Interconnect Cable, RCA or XLR

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Signal interconnect cables are some of the most important in the audio chain.  We recommend always selecting cables with impeccable stats, rather than brand cache or pedigree.  The Supra EFF-ISL is a stand-out performer, award-winner, and sound-test crusher. By using a non-conductive internal filament, the EFF-ISL virtually eliminates "skin effect" which was negatively impact high frequency signal transfer, even within the audible range. The result is full and clear high frequency transmissions without unwanted phase shift. The cables are also shielded to reduce outside interference. 

These cables are built to an exceptional standard. The Supra PPSL locking RCAs are a fantastic option for all unbalanced connections. And for those with balanced links in their systems, the Supra patented XLR connectors are also fully shielded, ensuring end-to-end fidelity. 

We have the EFF-ISL in the following sizes and configurations:


0.5m, $143.50/pair

1.0m, $165/pair

1.5m, $186.50/pair

2.0m, $208/pair



0.5m, $139.50/pair

1.0m, $160/pair

1.5m, $180.50/pair

2.0m, $201/pair