Octave Audio Black Box & Super Black Box, Capacitance Modules

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One of the greatest limitations of any high-performing piece of audio equipment is access to consistently clean and plentiful power.  Octave Audio amplifiers in their own right have onboard capacitance for days, but there's always the potential to improve performance incrementally to capture as much detail and depth as possible from music recordings.  For this reason, Octave has introduced the Black Box and Super Black Box external power supply capacitance modules.  

Adding one of these units to an existing Octave amplifier is incredibly simple and adds 4x the power supply capacitance for the Black Box, and 10x for the Super Black Box.  This additional capacitance allows Octave amplifiers to power even the most demanding loudspeaker loads, and impedances down to 2 ohms, without risk of failure.  

But even more incredible than the additional load tolerance, is how these devices transform Octave's already potent amplifiers into absolute giants.  Sound stage is expanded, low-end response is stronger and more controlled, and dimensionality is further improved.  We were shocked at how pleasing the differences were with and without these modules attached to Octave integrated amps.

In addition to more consistent and powerful amplification, the Black Box concept can also be applied to Octave's Phono Preamp with great effect. The Phono stage power supply runs with greater stability, and the additional filtering further isolates the power section of the preamp from the output section. 

Available in black or silver finish to match your amplifier's aesthetic. 

More information can be found HERE.