Halo HINT6 Integrated Amplifier

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The Halo line from Parasound is an incredible, high-performing series of products: from phono stages, to DACs, to amplifiers and preamplifiers.  The HINT6 Integrated Amplifier is perfect for the budding audio enthusiast looking for the best of what Parasound has to offer in a compact and feature-packed package.  

The total list of features available on the HINT 6 could cover several pages, but we'll get right to the point.  If you want power, ease, versatility, and clean/impactful sound, the HINT6 is the right amp for you. Featuring an on-board ESS 32 bit DAC, luscious MM/MC/MI phono stage, balanced and unbalanced line inputs, by-passable tone controls, preamp outs, a remote control, AND 160 watts per channel of Class A/AB power. 

This little wonder can power most speakers with absolute clarity and authority.  The unit's massive power transformer, resistor ladder volume control, internal shielding, and massive 40,000uf capacitor bank ensure that all of that power is uncolored and dynamic. 

In an era where the market is shifting toward Class D circuitry, the HINT6 retains everything that audiophiles love about A/AB topology but with a modernized design and features. 

Available in both Black and Silver finishes.  Limited quantities are available, but we have a few in stock. 

Demos are highly encouraged.