Perlisten R5t

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The Perlisten R5t is a modified 3-way loudspeaker with impeccable performance. "Modified" in that it uses Perlisten's patented DPC mid-tweeter array with waveguide to control high frequency directivity and reduce unwanted reflections or lobing between the mid and high frequencies.  This innovation is one aspect of the speaker's design which sets Perlisten apart from others, even from titans of this industry. 

The speakers are built to incredible precision and every detail has been thoroughly examined and executed perfectly.  The cabinet construction can only be described as "hefty" and for a speaker that only stands about 42" tall, it has the mass of something nearly twice its size. The gloss black finish is stunning, and fit and finish of all of the supporting components: outriggers, damping rings, baffle and terminal materials...are all uniquely designed for this system.  

The Perlisten listening experience that has been winning multiple awards around the globe is readily apparent with the R5t. The ported dual-woofer cabinet produces copious bass with slam and accuracy.  And the DPC array is something we really have never heard before; it really needs to be experienced.  Imaging places instruments and vocals right at your fingertips in a way only some "flat panel" speakers can achieve.  And these speakers can be played to unholy volume levels without distortion. Paired with our Octave V70 Class A tube integrated, this is a wonderful package and a great entry point to christen any new high-end audiophile. 

Perlisten R5t Specifications


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