Holt Hill Custom Specification, by Prosper Cables

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We have seen and used a myriad of cables over the years, from 50 cent lamp cord, to $5,000 Nordost Flatlines.  Choosing a speaker cable that suits your needs, your tastes, and your system is equal parts art and science.  

Prosper Cables from Texas strike the perfect balance between the art of design and the science of electro-acoustic principles.  We worked closely with Prosper to develop a cable using very high quality terminations and  Canare 4s8 cabling as the core of each build.   

The 13 ga. 4s8 wire allows for more conductive surfaces for transmission of audio signal.  Experience lower conductive and resistive loss, and improved frequency response and dynamics. 

The terminations we recommend are AudioQuest SureGrip100 BFA, banana-style ends that provide a secure contact surface, are extremely durable, and are beryllium/copper plated for a strong electrical connection. 

Finally, each cable is sheathed in a multifilament nylon braid sleeve for durability and flexibility. 

Our Holt Hill Audio Specification Cable comes standard in 8', 10' and 12' lengths. 


Other options are available on request, including additional outer sleeve color options.  Please send us an email for a quote!