AcousTech PH-1 Stereophonic Phono Preamp - It's ALL In The Details

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"Although originally designed to meet the professional needs of record-producing studios, an increasing number of Stereophonic Phono Preamps are finding a place in high-end home stereo systems. In the professional studio environment, PH-1P’s are used by engineers and producers to make critical decisions during mastering and while evaluating the sound quality of test pressings. When used in your home, you will more closely hear your favorite musical performances — as archived on the original master tapes." - AcousTech Electronics

So this AcousTech PH-1 Phono Pre designed by Ron Sutherland is a "Stereophile Class A-Rated" phono preamp. It's a dual-mono construction component built using ONLY the finest parts available.  The preamp is highly resolving with both MM and MC settings. We have run it through a lengthy test period with a bucket of different tables/arms & carts, it has been deemed a tone superstar. Just an amazing piece and in blemish-free, like new-condition. All gravy!



  • GAIN: 61.5 dB
  • R LOADING: 100 Ohms
  • C LOADING: 10,000 pF


  • GAIN: 42 dB
  • R LOADING: 47 k Ohms
  • C LOADING: 220 pF

DIMENSIONS: 181/4” wide x 21/2” high x 123/4” deep (Allow additional clearance in back for connections)

WEIGHT: 20 lbs. net, 25 lbs. shipping

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AcousTech, Stereophonic Phono Preamp: $599 plus sales tax when applicable