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The AR-XB was the latest version of the world's best-selling manual turntable. Since its introduction, the AR turntable had a profound effect upon both design and performance standards of home record-playing equipment, yet it remains alone in the field in the degree to which it combines broadcast equipment performance, completeness and convenience, simplicity of operation and low cost.

The stability of the AR turntable is unusual; the top-plate may even be struck by vertical hammer blows without interrupting the music being played. The AR turntable is insensitive to floor vibrations or acoustic feedback. This gives its owners maximum freedom in placing the turntable where it will be most convenient, even close to the loudspeakers, if necessary.

The AR turntable was guaranteed, as a condition of sale, to meet NAB (national Association of Broadcasters) specifications for broadcast equipment on wow and flutter, rumble, and  speed accuracy. In addition, the AR turntable meets the stringent requirements of the CBS standards on rumble and the IEEE standards of flutter. Pretty impressive!

So this XB is in excellent condition and comes complete with the entire "as new" accessories package. Cover is clean and virtually blemish free. Complete with Audio Technica cart & new Hudson HiFi Mat this TT is plug and play. The absolute crowning jewel of your vintage rig. This piece is impressive in its simplicity and amazing fuss free performance. There's a reason so many of these tables are still in operation today. Get this one and one a piece of audio history.

Can demo this outstanding AR table here at the shop or purchase with confidence via this website.

Acoustic Research, AR-XB Fully Manual TT w/AT cart and new Hudson HiFi Mat: $449 + applicable sales tax