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Acoustic Research released the 10pi model in 1977 as a no-compromise three-way monitor.  To maintain musical accuracy and adaptability, the system utilizes a multi-selectable internal crossover network allow the listener to adjust the woofer, midrange, and tweeter levels and crossover integration with the flick of three, 3-position rocker switches mounted at the top of the cabinet. The switches are accessible via a fold-down door.  The concept allowed these speakers to be used in recording studios where rear controls are often impractical. 

At the time, this level of control in the hands of the everyday consumer was almost unheard of. As a result, the 10pi was on the pricier side, more expensive than the historic AR3a despite having largely the same driver compliment.  Couple that with AR's introduction of the AR11 at the same time, which was essentially a 10pi without the parlor tricks, and sales of this model were not stout. As a result they are pretty rare. 

The coated 3/4" cloth dome tweeter with anti-diffraction padding, 1-1/2" coated fabric dome midrange, and ubiquitous 11.5" high compliance paper pulp woofer all combine for exceptional performance in a relatively compact (but HEAVY) speaker system. 

Our AR10pi have been brought back to life with new woofer foam, rebuilt midrange and tweeter drivers by the preeminent AR rebuild service in North America.  The real walnut veneer has been re-coated to bring back its lustre, and despite a few minor cosmetic faults, the speaker presents extremely well.   New grilles have been fabricated on our CNC and covered in original, new old-stock, AR dark brown grille cloth. 

Come by and demo these rare finds, with an historic lineage.

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