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Edgar Villchur and Henry Kloss founded Acoustic Research in 1954 after validating their industry-changing acoustic suspension cabinet design.  The AR1 was followed, logically, by the AR2, and then the AR3 in 1958.  The AR2a was an amalgamation of the AR2 and AR3 designs, using the foundational 10" paper pulp cone and AlNiCo magnet woofer, and cross-firing midrange assembly of the AR2, and supplementing that design with the phenolic, suspended-dome tweeter of the AR3.  A year later, the AR2ax was introduced, replacing the cross-firing midrange with a much more efficient, and less directional, single midrange cone driver.  The system has been exemplary of the "classic New England Sound" for nearly 70 years and still sounds amazing today.

This pair of AR2ax look and play wonderfully for a speaker built in 1966. An older restoration done by this shop and just traded in for a set of Aerial floorstanders. Absolutely remarkable sound reproduction.  Bass extension is impressive, midrange is clean and realistic, and high frequencies are ever-present, but with a distinct "easiness" that allows these speakers to be enjoyed all day long, at any volume.

Cabinets feature original oiled red walnut veneer and show some cosmetic signs of wear, but overall are very presentable. Crossover capacitors and potentiometers had been replaced with modern units for uninterrupted listening enjoyment.  Original grille frames have been covered in acoustically transparent cloth, and a pair of OEM AR2ax badges complete the look. 

These are a mid-century gem.  Demos are encouraged. Ask about shipping BEFORE hitting the "buy now" button

No disappointments here!

AR2ax: $399 (plus applicable sales tax)

*Stands are not included.