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No loudspeaker by Acoustic Research has been more influential than the original Acoustic Research AR3 acoustic suspension speaker. The AR1 had set a new benchmark for loudspeaker technology, but the AR3 was so outstandingly accurate that experts had trouble identifying whether a recording or a live concert was playing in front of them. Let´s note here, that this is not the AR-3a speaker from 1967, but its prior version from 1958. The AR-3 speaker had been designed by Edgar Villchur, whereas the newer AR-3a speaker was designed by Roy Allison. Even though both speakers are fairly similar, the AR-3 has been a landmark for the loudspeaker industry and had been recognized by the public significantly more than the later AR-3a.

History of the AR-3

he AR-3 entered the market in 1958, 4 years after the first ever acoustic suspension loudspeaker, the AR-1 was introduced. Acoustic Research had by then tested a new tweeter design, developed by Villchur, called the hemispherical dome direct radiator tweeter, which was used in the new AR3 models.
Besides the newly invented dome tweeter, Villchu´s loudspeaker also received the AR-1s woofer from 1954, which had been another speaker technology landmark, as it was the first ever commercial acoustic suspension speaker. The result was a speaker that produced music more accurately than any other speaker at its time and is until today one of the highest performing speakers available when measuring accuracy. This outstanding accuracy made the AR3 speaker famous, and its reputation for being the “most accurate loudspeaker at any cost” led to its usage in many professional settings, such as concert halls or record studios.

So this might be the most beautiful, all original (new improved grill cloth and internal electronics upgrde) set of AR3 in the US. They are nothing short of magnificent. Ever hear a set? They are incredibly full range but comfortably cool like the back side your favorite pillow. Truly amazing piece of audio history and a must have for any AR fanboy/collector. Absolutely NO Disappointments with this set. They are "THE ONES"

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Acoustic Research AR3: $1999 + applicable sales tax

*Come complete with matching height-appropriate walnut stands