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The Acoustic Research AR3 has been more influential to loudspeaker design than pretty much any other. The earlier AR1 set a new benchmark for loudspeaker technology with its acoustic suspension design, but the AR3 took things to a whole new level in 1958 with mid and upper frequency drivers that the industry had never witness before.  The system was so outstandingly accurate that experts of the time had trouble identifying whether a recording or a live concert was playing in front of them.  

The AR3 speaker was designed by Edgar Villchur, one of AR's founders.  Acoustic Research had also implemented a new tweeter design, developed by Villchur, called the "hemispherical dome direct radiator tweeter."  Besides the newly invented dome tweeter, Villchur's loudspeaker also received the AR-1s woofer from 1954. These innovations caused the AR3 speaker to gain a reputation for being the "most accurate loudspeaker at any cost", and led to its usage in many professional settings, such as concert halls or record studios.

This set has been restored and upgraded to ensure another 65+ years of musical enjoyment.  Some decades ago, the original paper pulp woofers were replaced with AR's more modern ceramic magnet type, and the low-end performance is excellent.  We have refoamed these woofers to perfection.  Both phenolic hemispherical dome tweeters have been reset in their assemblies and tested to ensure proper operation.  And the crossover capacitors have been replaced with modern, mylar film type for the best possible sound quality. 

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA. 

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