Acoustic Research "The Turntable" with Grace 707 Tonearm - SOLD

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In 1961, Acoustic Research developed a turntable whose simplicity, outstanding performance, and low price earned it a unique place in the hi-fi marketplace-and something of classic status among knowledgeable audiophiles. Aware of the degradation of sound quality caused by acoustic feedback, AR's founder, Edgar Villchur, designed a turntable system that was virtually immune to external excitation. With a patented 3-point spring-loaded suspension, low-mass aluminum platter, and low-RPM/low-rumble synchronous AC motor, AR turntables were some of the finest around.

This AR "The Turntable" is made of oiled walnut and is supported on small rubber feet. A rocker switch on the top of the base controls the power to the motor, and a small pilot light on the front surface glows when it is on. A hinged clear-plastic dust cover remains open when fully raised. Comes complete with Grado Black cart and is "plug and play." The exquisite piece here was originally ordered without tonearm, which was optional in 1983, when this table was produced. A Grace 707 low-mass straight arm has been mounted, and is a PERFECT compliment to this deck. This combination of AR, Grace & Grado is one of the most synergistic LP setups we've had.

Demo this outstanding turntable in Lawrence, MA.

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