Atlantic Technology LCR3 & 224SB, 3-Piece Combo Deal!

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Atlantic Technology has been a US-based manufacturer of high-quality, affordably-priced audio for many years. Often utilized as an OEM for other manufacturers, Atlantic will occasionally come out with their own designs, based on market demand and which direction the wind blows.  In recent years, AT developed the LCR3 and 2234SB system to be used as home theater components.  In fact, these are current models still available today. 

The LCR3 is a compact, 2-way D'Appolito system using two 3-1/2" composite cone mid-woofers and a 3/4" silk dome tweeter. These little speakers can handle over 100 watts of power and are built incredibly well.  We were amazed at how well they could fill a room and really liked the vocal presentation which is great for music and AV applications. 

The 224SB subwoofer is a little powered beast with a 10" coated paper cone, long-throw woofer with a massive magnet assembly.  The onboard 350 watt amplifier causes this little might to throw quite a punch when needed, but it's also a very musical sub and not a "one note" wonder. 

The system provides clean and clear sound across the entire frequency spectrum. The small size of each component helps them disappear into a room, both sonically and visually.  

To top it off, you can save BIG, by grabbing these great sounding components in very lightly used condition!

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA.

$499 for the system (plus applicable shipping and/or MA sales tax)