AudioQuest Cinnamon Ultra-High Speed HDMI, 8m length

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AudioQuest Cinnamon HDMI cables represent a significant leap in signal performance   for digital A/V signals.  AQ use a combination of innovations to improve signal transfer and reduce the potential for noise to interfere with the passage of the signal from component to component.  Between 0.5% and 1.25% silver plating is used on both ground reference conductors and AC and eARC conductors within the cable itself.  On top of that, AQ uses advanced foil wrapping around each conductor for additional noise dissipation.  The cable is both 4k and 8k resolution approved due to its construction. 

This cable is "New Old Stock" and has never been removed from its packaging.  The 8 meter (26.5 foot) length allows for the ultimate in installation flexibility. 

Normally $399, we have marked this cable at $149 for a quick sale.