MIT MW750 CVT Terminator, 20' Speaker Cables

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One could argue that MIT "created" the audiophile speaker market in the late 1980s and early 1990s. When stereo addicts were spending their last dime at the audio shop for the latest and greatest Digital Music, MIT came along with a host of cable innovations to accompany all of those musical advancements. 

The "Output Terminator" was predicated on the theory that speaker cables are part of the reactive network comprised of the analog audio amplifier and the speaker.  As the speaker responds to the music signal, it also produces a back-channel of current to the amplifier, making this adaptive load transient and rather unpredictable.  The big brick on the end of the MIT cables was intended to flatten that unpredictable nature, creating both a storage and a shunt of the audio signal.  The result for the amp is ensuring that if 100 watts are called for by the speaker, 100 watts were delivered to the speaker -- almost zero measurable line loss.

These 20-footers are a fantastic example.  Originally retailing for over $3000 in the early 1990s, these cables are available now as a relative bargain. The jackets on thee are very clean and they perform flawlessly.

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